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Roots & Vines Wine support Black women’s economic empowerment in harmony with exquisite wines. Bringing expansive offerings from South Africa to your door that are as exquisitely full bodied, powerfully sophisticated,

and distinctively African as its creators, providing a connection to Mother Africa – the cradle of civilization, culture and people. Roots & Vines Wine honors the people, land, struggle and the fruits of our labor.

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Join the Roots & Vines Wine Family by supporting Black women winemakers in South Africa and signing up for our quarterly wine club.

You can now enjoy the flavors of South Africa in the comfort of your home! We ship directly to you and each package includes pairing notes to guide you through fully enjoying your wine


All club members enjoy a 10% discount on all additional purchases. To join, please contact

Join Our Wine Club

Black Girl Magic Winemakers exchange

SISTERcircle through Roots & Vines Wine, plans to launch a Black Girl Magic Winemakers Sabbatical. This program will host 2 Black women winemakers per year from South Africa to study sustainable winemaking for four weeks in one of California’s three wine making regions: Napa Valley, Sonoma and Escondido/Temecula.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact

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Sponsor a Black Women Winemake
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