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Sip and Share with Roots & Vines

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

On August 1, 2020, Roots & Vines Wine hosted an online chat to meet the investors. Jennifer White, Founder and CEO of Roots & Vines Wine, shared how her connection to South Africa since her undergraduate days at UCLA was the impetus for investing in South Africa. Jennifer's introduction to amazing South African wines, such as Pinotage and Sparkling Rosé, and the Black women behind these quality wines gave birth to Roots & Vines Wine. Jennifer shared, “We are one step closer to our goals as we establish trade between Black women vintners in South Africa and Black investors in California, by opening up the U.S. $70 billion wine industry so that it may reach the palates, and the purses, of Black women and their families."

Black women such as Angela Jackson invested in Roots & Vines Wine because "it connects and provides economic opportunities for Black women in the United States and South Africa". Thuy Cooper, who previously explored investing in a winery on the east coast, seized the opportunity to participate in the "unique business venture to invest in quality wines made by Black South African women".

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