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Taste Of Africa featuring RVW

For the first time ever, San Diegans and can enjoy a "Taste of Africa" on Saturday, October 15th at Worldbeat Cultural Center in historic Balboa Park. In celebration of Fela Kuti, the event features incredible artists performing live music and foods from across Africa.

The event features Roots & Vines Wine and samples of their award-winning imported South African wines made by Black women. Taste the native red of South Africa, Pinotage, made by Bayede! the Zulu King, and his refreshing rosé, The Princess, and Chardonnay-Pinot Noir blend. Next a crisp Sauvignon Blanc by Carmen Stevens, the first Black woman winemaker in South Africa, along with Savi, her sparkling rosé.

Read more about the Roots & Vines Wine story and varietals at

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